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Tim's Reopening Update

Hello everyone, hope you are well and looking forward to returning to golf. Well, it’s nearly a year since I joined the club and I have loved every minute of it, even with all these lockdowns.

It has been a long and wet winter with the course receiving nearly 180mm of rain in two months, which has delayed some jobs but has allowed us to complete a major project.

This project has been the new sleeper yardage posts on the tees. This took us a month to complete with a lot of adjustments as the project moved on. Along with digging 54 holes and cementing them in, we decided the signs would look much better if we routed them into the sleepers. I now have even more respect for carpenters, as routing takes times to get right. I hope you all like what we have done and I think they add so much to the course from a visual aspect. A huge thank you must go to everyone who designed the signs and to the team for completing the project.

Other jobs we have been tackling clearing/trimming a lot of the tree and bushes that are in play. This not only makes the course tidy; I also hope it will speed up play and give you a shot out around some of the trees.

The greens have been tined (8mm), seeded (fescue) and dressed with 30 tonne of dressing at the start of March. The ground temperatures are still only 6 degrees so the growth is very very slow!!!! You will find some dressing and tine holes on the greens but that will disappear as the growth picks up.

We have also, for the first time in a long time, had the soil tested. This has given us plenty of data/information to plan our nutrition plan for the coming season.

Tined (8mm), seeded (Rye,Fescue,Bent) and dressed with 15/20 tonne of dressing. First application of liquid fertilizer and wetting agent applied.

You will notice that the fairways have recovered well and last years overseeding has made a huge difference. We have started a seaweed, iron and wetting agent program for the fairways and surrounds. This will give us a better chance of saving our fairways from stressed periods and keep grass coverage. In time this will hopefully reduce overseeding in the future.

We need to say thank you to Kevin/Hilary Osman, Alan Brown and Richard Turner for helping us to divot the fairways all last week. This can be a boring job but as you can imagine Richard did keep us all entertained…

You will see that we have stripped the 6th right hand bunker. This will be turfed and back in play as soon as possible.

Leatherjackets (bugs), yes, we still have them!!! This is going to be an on-going problem in the industry unfortunately. We will continue to sheet parts of the greens to sweat the leatherjackets out of the ground, please be patient with this process as it does take its time.

Finally, it is great to have you all back on the course. Remember it is still only March and ground temperatures are too low for any significant growth. Please repair your divots and pitch marks and remember to enjoy yourselves, keep to the restrictions until we are out of this mess.

Let’s all enjoy this year of golf for the clubs 125th birthday.

Keep Safe

Tim Brewster

Head Greenkeeper