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Tim's March Update

Hope you are all enjoying this early spring weather, how long it will last we will just have to wait and see.

As you may have seen we have replaced the old rotten steps on the 12th white tees. Over the next few years will we aim to replace all the steps we have to look like the 12th.

You also may have seen a strange machine on the greens a couple of weeks ago, this is called an Air2g2. This machine was used to send compressed air into the root zone at depths of 9/10inches to reduce any compaction lower down in the soil.

This week we completed our spring maintenance on the greens and tees. Greens had a light groom (cutting lateral growth), brush and cut. Then we punched 6mm micro tines at a depth of 2 to 3 inches. This is to relive any compaction on the surface and give us a good base for the sand and seed to drop in.

Once this process was complete we overseeded with red fescue, and 25 Tonnes of fendress top dressing. Brushed, watered and already had a dry cut to help return the surface back to playable condition.

The tees have had a micro tine at 6mm, overseeded with dwarf rye grass, a light dressing of composted soil and brushed in ready for the rain.

The grass seed we use on both the greens and tees are drought and disease resistant plus they require low amounts of feed. With prices continuing to rise, using these grasses and other practices like aeration will help us now and in the future.

Please note the greens will be left now for 2 weeks, this is to allow the seed to germinate.

Also please be patient if you see one of us watering the greens. The winter storms have knocked something out on the irrigation controller but this will be fixed as soon as the issue is identified.

Thank you to the team for working hard.

Kind regards

Tim Brewster

Head Greenkeeper